Our mission

Providing Australians with the Best Quality Workwear at the Lowest possible Prices.

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Our Story...

LongHaul is a local, family owned company with a warehouse based in Chullora, in Sydney’s West. This company began when we saw a strong need for hard-working folks to have adequate workwear that wouldn’t break the bank.

We started gathering information about what your wants and needs in safety workwear are... We began designing, gathering prototypes, field-testing, and listening to your feedback on how we could make our products even better. The result has become a legacy in safety clothing.

It is our HONOUR to provide hard-working Australians with clothes they can be safe and comfortable in, and proud to wear!


LongHaul focuses on one specific type of clothing... and we do it very, very well.

We keep our prices affordable by sticking to a smaller range of workwear, purchasing in bulk, and selling direct to you from our online warehouse. (We cut out the middle-man, and save you up to 50% when compared with National Brands.)

Staying within the Hi Vis & Safety Workwear niche has allowed us to become experts in safety compliance and product design.

We’ve spent YEARS researching your needs, and designing products to meet them. We’ve listened to you rant about other brands that “just don’t last”, and worked with you to design comfortable, durable products that DO.

What does that mean for you?

  • Superior Quality Products (that actually look good, feel good, and do what you need them to do.)

  • NO Price-Gouging... on any of our products... Ever.

  • Personalized, knowledgable Service. (Yes, you’ll speak with a REAL person that knows what they’re talking about, not some 20-minute automated menu).

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